Regenerated rescued yarn

We all now already know that we have a plastic and pollution problem on this planet. However… Right here in Ljubljana, Slovenia, there is a plant that turns waste, dumped ocean fishnets and trash into brand new nylon yarn.

We were passionately working on getting this awesome recycled fabric, because we are in the business of making better, ethical, local, sustainable and good for environment products.
The yarn is made here in Ljubljana and it has the same quality as virgin nylon. Its speciality is that it can be infinitely regenerated. That means that products made with this fabric can be after their life span as a current product is over then regenerated back to yarn and made into fabric again. That is a perfect loop and since the process itself is also good and the company is connected with surrounding companies to provide heath for spaces from its side produced warmth, we find this just amazing.


The fabric made from recycled yarn has great technical properties, such as being ultrachlorine resistant, shape retention, muscle control, soft, peeling resistant, UV protective (up to 50UPF), sun cream and oil and salt resistant, …


We are planning to make products that consist partially or wholesome of this recycled fabric. In the case where the recycled fabric is just partially used is due to adding additional layers of high quality and durable Italian brushed warm fabrics for warmth.

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