A W E S O M E     N E W S !

This year, we are super happy, because we have finally got the amazing recycled fabric that is made of ghost rescued fishing nets and other garbage.

The yarn is produced here in Slovenia, that is just an amazing fact to us, also it is environment friendly and sustainable and the goal is to create an infinity loop of super recyclable textile made products that have a long life span and can after be easily remade into new nylon yarn with superb qualities.

The yarn is made info fabric in Italy, so there is no need for long transport.

The company that makes yarn in Ljubljana uses it’s waste energy produced during the yarn making procedure to warm up the workspaces and Atlantis building. Awesome, right?

However, just when we received the fabrics, went to Munich fair, made product sketches and got super excited to start … well … the virus happened and slowed us down.

But now, here we are, starting to finish our first products and test them out.

So if everything goes by plan, we will soon be launching our recycled, local, vegan, ethical, slow fashion and high quality multifunctional products.

The fabric has high chlorine and creme/oils resistance, UV protection, has a great shape retention and more superb technical qualities, so the products are to be used on the dry-land as well as for water sports, such as stand up paddling, surfing, swimming.

First products will, if as predicted, be:
Men’s T-Shirt rashguard style, Women’s leggings, Swim/yoga/sport bra top for women, women sports tank top.

Get your fingers crossed and stay tuned!


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