Tales of Julians socks

Tales of Julians socks tell a story of a magical place called Julian Alps, lying between valleys and highs of Slovenia.
Place of deep pine forests and Plateaus, beautiful creatures, folk tales and high majestic peaks. A perfect gift for the holidays!

Left and right sock pair are different, left one is representing mount Jalovec and high rock formation peaks and underneath we can find a rich beautiful pine forest of Pokljuka Plateau. There is also a peak sign and logo.
Right sock consists of topographic lines of a smaller area of Julian Alps and a small heart below toes to mark our love for this beautiful setting.

Socks are designed by Ana Berden for Montango and made  fairly in Slovenia with love.
These are not hiking socks, but classic elegant everyday socks.
You can use them for short hikes if you find them comfortable and thick enough.


CO 74% | PE 22% | 4% E


SKUN/A Category

36-38, 39-42, 43-45


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