AW21/22 Reservations

Double layered headband with brushed interior for warmth. Made from premium Italian fabrics in Slovenia. Custom designs from us for you. Various designs, some include slovenian heritage and mountains. Double layers create warmth, protection and soak up the sweat. Made for amateur and professional sport. Vegan. Local. Ethical. 

Upper layer 75% PE 25% EA
Under layer  85% PA 15% EA
– wind protection
– warmth
– cold protection
– soaking the sweat
– premium italian fabric
– local made
– fairmade
– made in Slovenia
– aprox. dimensions 9 height and 52 diameter

*This is a reservation. Items will arrive in about two weeks. Keep that in mind when ordering!


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blue mountains, retro af 2, topo blue, topo lake, dramatico, monlemon, winterscape, topo lilac, fizkultura gradient, dreaming, splatter, cubico, azteco


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